We provide government subsidies to SMEs related services, providing information and copywriting Valet apply for assistance,  Allow customers to reduce costs to maximize profits, so you start without the burden.
  We have excellent graphic designers, packaging design through to make your product more competitive in the market.
  Hung-Lu enterprise provides the most advanced packaging materials and bottle service, the customers do not have to spend a lot of time looking for vendors and materials, but also to prevent  Spent a lot of money has caused the use of raw materials can not be filled, resulting in greater loss of customers.
  When a customer orders, the latter half of the products we provide relevant documents to apply for services enable customers to reduce the number of administrative perations
Expenditure, thus more cost savings. Example: heavy metal detection, number plate detection, makeup and other services for wide font.
  We can provide customers with heated indoor storage space to store up goods, may be the initial capital for small entrepreneurs with limited space  The setting can also be valet delivery service, just a computer entrepreneur can handle orders, and the remaining rests in our hands.
  Hong-Lu enterprise spare not only all the services, but more importantly is the customer's product need to have an channel, there are ads, a promotional products will have exposure, I will tailor-made according to customers different product features to provide the market the proposal as published in goods but also provides customers DM, so that your goods can in every corner of Taiwan consumers to see.
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