Counseling business brand. Kampo biotechnology research
Beauty SPA Center goods.   and development of cosmetics.    
Extension of product brand management Various types of cosmetic    
Beauty tutorial extension products
  skin care products OEM&ODM
Biotechnology company commissioned OEM Valet image packaging of goods    
OEM direct selling company commissioned Brand planning, design.    
OEM distributor commission R & D proofing,various types    

OEM commissioned care products wholesaler
  of materials development.    
Racquet foundry industry commission Required customers to accept    
TV Shopping commissioned OEM   cosmetic and make sample proof,    
Farmers marketing group and technical cooperation   and receive a small amount of orders.
Chinese raw materials and technical cooperation    
Medical Cosmetic and technical cooperation
Cosmetic OEM
Cosmetic ODM
Cosmetic OBM
Agricultural Biotechnology
East Medicine