Chinese side of skin care products from China several thousand years, the ancient Chinese women to come from natural plants, herbs care products made from ancient  The use of human material can be aware of the wisdom of ancestors is more far-reaching, but no machine extraction and refining of ancient technology, the raw material large molecules,
are less likely to be absorbed through the skin, and in this fortunate era these issues we can, through biotechnology technology to solve, we combine the wisdom of the ancestors
of modern technology and techniques to produce many Chinese side of skin care products, but also for many of medical Clinics branched out into beauty industry R & D foundry Kampo care products, we can offer according to customer demand, raw material system modulation Kampo Into finished products, raw materials Chinese side mild, natural, is the beauty God gave us the best be used.  

Chinese side in future natural skin care products market demand, emphasizing natural ingredients market is the fastest, because the EU is now beginning  Promotion of natural skin care products, but will become the future business opportunities, coupled with respect for the natural doctrine of the "LOHAS" population is estimated  20% annual increase in population, the future market potential.

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